Rave Reviews

“Thanks for a great year of shows!” Alan C., Rochester, MN
“Looking forward to another year of shows - last year was great!” Edna B., Goldfield, IA
“I always do well at Gingerbread Shows!” Wayne O., Brooklyn Park, MN
“Your OAKDALE show was great - it was my best show ever!” Dale P., Danbury, WI
“We have attended your shows and are impressed with the crowds you draw!” Dale V., St. Paul, MN
“I was really pleased with how organized everything was!” J. Olson., St. Paul, MN
“Your shows are great - such non-stop crowds - thanks!” Linda K., Oakdale, MN
“We are stocking up for another great year - love your shows!” Laurie M., Oakdale, MN
“Please send your schedule - I hate to miss one - they’re great!” Sue O., Lake Elmo, MN
“Thanks for all your help - your shows are wonderful!” Cindy O., Monticello, MN

“Thanks for everything - you are great promoters!” Linda G., Monticello, MN
“You could give lessons on your organization!” Kevin F., Duluth, MN
“You are so easy to work with - thanks!” Laurel W., Apple Valley, MN
“You did a super job organizing and advertising your ROCHESTER shows - thanks!” Sandi O., St. James, MN
“Your craft shows have been recognized by the public as being of the highest caliber!” Tony C., Maplewood, MN
“Thanks for all your help - I am doing great with your shows!” Pat L., St. Paul, MN
“This is my sixth year with you and I have always been happy with your shows!” Jill R., Lawler, IA
“We have found your show to be well organized, promoted and high quality!” Donna D., Rochester, MN
“Participating in your shows has been a very positive and rewarding experience!” Vickie C., Knapp, WI
“ANOKA was one of my best shows - thanks!” Pete M., Maplewood, MN

“We have heard many good things about your shows!” William F., Hastings, MN
“Your shows have been conducted very professionally!” Nick E., Fridley, MN
“I have been very impressed with your shows!” David N., Minneapolis, MN
“Thank you for the opportunity to be involved with your shows!” Peggy O., Brooklyn Park, MN
“Thanks for your ALDRICH show - such huge crowds!” Mary A., Maplewood, MN
“Whatever you guys are doing - please keep it up!” Alan C., Rochester, MN
“Please send your schedule - I don’t want to miss a single one!” Lisa O., St. Paul, MN
“I have heard some very good comments about your shows!” Rose S., Evansdale, IA
“Your shows have really helped us - we appreciate your kind and courteous service!” Ray H., Minneapolis, MN
“Your shows are great - I look forward to working with you again!” Bob S., Spooner, WI

“We have been spectators at your shows - and were impressed at the quality of your vendors!” Brad S., Isanti, MN
“We have heard excellent comments about your shows!” Bobbie N., Madison, WI
“Please send some of your schedules. I will give them to my friends, I love your shows!” Mary A., Minneapolis, MN
“Send your schedules - I hate to miss them - especially ROCHESTER!” Joan I., Waseca, MN
“Last weekend’s show was the best one I ever did - thanks!” Berdene C., Waterloo, IA
“ALDRICH was wonderful - such huge crowds - thanks!” Lorraine K., St. Paul, MN
“I am looking forward to your excellent sales this year!” Jenny L., Rochester, MN
“Your positive, friendly manner really put me at ease!” Sandi O., Rochester, MN“We had one of our best shows ever in Mankato at RIVER HILLS MALL!” Doris C., Litchfield, MN
“Thank you for all your help for running such good shows!” Joanne T., Arcadia, WI

“I enjoyed the DULUTH show, thanks!” Debbie J., Winona, MN
“Your ANOKA ARMORY show had excellent advertising and a great crowd!!” Phyllis D., Winsted, MN
“Just a note to let you know what a great show you put on in ROCHESTER! We were so happy to be a part of it!” Wendy B., Mason City, IA
“I enjoyed participating in the ALDRICH ARENA show! I look forward to working with Gingerbread again!” Kim H., St. Paul, MN
“Plaza was good! Thanks for your kindness!” Debbie J., Winona, MN
“OAKDALE was really good for us - our best show ever!” Bob C., Mankato, MN
“The BROOKDALE CENTER show was the best sale we ever had!” Dorin C., Fridley, MN
“Once again, thank you for the best show we ever had!” Brad M., Armstrong, IA
“We sold out at BROOKDALE CENTER! Wow, what a show!” Terry R., Duluth, MN
“Thanks for being so easy to work with!” Brenda D., Menagha, MN


“I enjoy your shows. They are very nice!” Shelly P., Champlain, MN
“Thanks to you and your staff at the RIVER HILLS MALL show for being pleasant to work with!” Chris G., Mallard, IA
“HASTINGS ARMORY was a record breaker! We sold-out in 4 hours!” Kathy K., Oakdale, MN
“I am really excited to attend your shows, I’ve heard a lot of good things about you!” Hanna L., St. Paul, MN
“Your RIVER HILLS MALL show was one of my best shows ever! Thank you!” Sara B., Mankato, MN
“The DULUTH CONVENTION CENTER show was excellent!” Shirley G., Albert Lea, MN
“ROCHESTER was a good show - so crowded on both days!” Julie J., Owatonna, MN
“My wife and I were very pleased with the ALDRICH ARENA show. This was one of our best this year!” Roger C., New Hampton, IA
“Your JESSE JAMES DAYS show was a great success! Thanks again for a great show!” Naoma J., Grove City, MN
“It’s a special family feeling doing your shows!” Debbie J., Winona, MN


“We had a terrific show at RIVER HILLS MALL! Thank you!” Don V., Beresford, ND
“We had another great show in DULUTH!” Jo L., White Bear Lake, MN
“Thanks for you hard work in making the ROCHESTER show so good!” Dave C., Rush City, MN
“I appreciate the professionalism of your company!” Colleen W., St. Cloud, MN
“Thanks for all your work, it was a great year for us!” Fay S., Stillwater, MN
“I’m glad you’re doing the RIVER HILLS MALL - we did great!” Lyla B., Pipestone, MN
“The DULUTH show was an excellent show for me!” Sue B., Lake Nebagammon, MN
“It’s nice to work with a professional promoter!” Dave C., Rush City, MN
“I really love doing the Gingerbread Shows!” Eleanor W., Mpls., MN


“We had a fantastic weekend in DULUTH! Thank you!” Janine D., Wyoming, MN
“Through the Gingerbread Shows, we have had a very good time & would like to continue working with you!” Jiang J., Mpls., MN
“The fact that several customers so highly recommended your shows makes it a must for the serious crafter/artisan.” Nikki N., St. Paul, MN
“It’s been a pleasure working with your shows!” Jolene G., Mankato, MN
“Keep up the good work, you guys are the best!” Cathy R., Coon Rapids, MN
“We started making money when we started to work with Gingerbread Shows!” Prosper R., St, Paul, MN
“I would like to take this time to say you have the best shows we have done yet!” Doris L., Anoka, MN